PVC K2 Spectacular Twilight Race 10 Dec 2014


Here is a bit of a run down of the k2 spectacular for those who couldn’t make the race last night (10/12/2014).
The race started with the heavens opening up and cooling us down with a drenching before the gun went off. When the gun went off the paddling gods would have had a great laugh at the pvc mortals who swung their arms trying to get the boats out of the water. It was a frantic start for most k2/doubles as many pairs hadn’t paddled together before or had long break between splashes. Somehow Matt convinced Istvan to paddle in a k2 with him and unbelievably Matt sat in the back and took control of the power button. Most doubles wash rode these two powerhouses for the 1st km but they forgot about the plan to give way to the birthday boy (Graham) and his son (Mitch) on the first turn. The race spread out from this point and our cousins from Windsor Canoe Club showed us how to race in a k2. Stephen and David waited patiently and then pounced on a corner and took off, taking a commanding lead all the way home. I’d like to thank the Windsor crew including Peter, and Windsor old boy rick Pacey and any one I didn’t see there for joining us in our paddling festivities.

So in true paddling fashion everyone gets a placing of 1st. Below are the classes.
*    Non PVC champions – Stephen and David
*     Over 21yrs champs – Matt and Istvan
*     Bro 2 bro champs – Jake and Ben
*     Father n son champs – Graham and Mitch
*     Under 21 and over 21 champs – Gerry and Trent
*     PVC adventure champs – Greg and Paul ( for some reason they towed two bikes before the race)
*     PVC over 21 long rec champs – Gary and David
*     PVC women’s champs – Mitch’s friends whose names I did not catch, but I do know that they smashed their first time double race.
So well done to the doubles champs and single paddlers and I look forward to the next k2/double event next year.

Competitor in the PVC K2 Twilight race 10 Dec 2014
Competitor in the PVC K2 Twilight race 10 Dec 2014