Paddle NSW State Championships 2019



Paddle NSW State Slalom Canoe Championships

Date: 3rd November 2019

6.30 am Venue Open
6.45 am Bib Distribution
6.45 am Meeting for Officials and Volunteers
7.00 am Water On
7.00 am Course Construction
7.15 am Practice Run Juniors (Time Permitting)
7.30 am Race Event Start
7:30 – 9:00 am 1st Runs C1M K1W, K1M, C1W, C2 All
9:00 – 10:30 am 2nd Runs C1M K1W, K1M, C1W, C2 All
At Conclusion of Races – Dismantle Course and Compile Results
11:15 am Presentation

Start List

The provisional start list will be posted on line from Wednesday 30 October 2019 – any changes to be notified to Race organisers no later than Thursday 31 October 4.00 pm. Official start lists will be posted on the official notice board before the race and distributed to Race Officials.

Start Order

The Start order for NSW Championships will be as per the published start lists, in reverse ranked order. Start order will be determined by organising committee. Competitors with no Australian Ranking will be placed at the top of the list in no particular order or as determined in the discretion of the event organisers.

Start Intervals

Start intervals will be 60 seconds between each competitor subject to entries.

Course Design

One Course Designer will be appointed by Paddle NSW, TC for the event.

Race Officials

Competition Organiser: Lesley Duke Chen

Technical Organiser: Peter White

Chief Official: Colin Borrows

Chief Judge: Chris Thompson

Chief of Scoring: Russell Bassett

NSW Champion and Open Class (NSW State Championships)

The Open Champion for each class will be determined by the best of two runs on Sunday 3 November 2019 for C1 men K1 women C2 mixed and C2 men, K1 men C1 women, irrespective of the Age group within which the Athlete competes.

Competition Rules

The NSW State Championships will be run in accordance with ICF Rules 2019 (subject to the above) and any Paddle Australia rules or bylaws as they pertain to the competition.

Equipment Control

The Equipment Control area will be open for Athlete self-checking from 2.00 pm Saturday 2 November 2019 for all equipment including boats. There will be no compulsory pre-competition equipment control.

Any Competitors equipment may be selected for post competition equipment control. Boats may be checked for weight, length & width and nose & tail dimensions. Buoyancy vests and helmets may be checked to ensure compliance with the current ICF rules and requirements.

Athlete’s whose equipment does not pass a post competition check will be disqualified for that run (DISQ-R)

Signal to Clear the Course

A whistle will be used by the Gate Judge should the competitor be required to clear the course, e.g. to give way to another competitor. If Water Safety staff are required to turn off the pumps, e.g. to clear the channel, a siren will sound.

General Safety

Two boats are to remain on the water after the finish. Whilst on the conveyer belt-competitors may empty out their boats but must stay on the conveyor belt until the top pond is reached. Do not jump off the conveyer at any point.

Further Information

Should you require further information please contact: Chris Thompson Phone: +61 (0) 418 466 983 Email: or Colin Borrows: 0412 467 560

NSW Slalom Championships 2019

Event Age Groups
K1M Open, U23, U18, U16
K1W Open, U23, U18, U16
C1 Open, U23, U18, U16
C1W Open, U18
C2 Open, U18
C2 Mixed Open, U18

Classes listing exact ages means “that age and under as at 1/1/2019”.