Freestyle Kayak is coming to the Valley

Freestyle Kayaking is new to Penrith Valley..
But we have been around for many years, we are based locally at Penrith Whitewater Stadium, look out for the funny little kayaks spending most of their time playing in features such as “Holes or Waves”, but Freestyle Kayak can be enjoyed anywhere there is access to moving water,


includingkayak pic joe Rivers and Beaches.

Freestyle Kayaking is a Dynamic Sport, which involves surfing a wave and performing aerial maneuvers.
Freestyle Competition
A competition involves athletes paddling for 45 seconds in a wave or a river trying to do as many tricks as possible and scoring points for each trick. With tricks such as cartwheels and McNasties It is a spectacular sport to watch, and an adrenaline pumping event to compete in.”Jez Jezz ” Australian Freestyle Coach Sept. 2015

For More Info checkout our Freestyle and Boatercross Australia ….Facebook page

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or simply come  say Hi to Jez , Eileen or any of the guys in the funny litte boats at the stadium